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How Do We Do It?

Our modern facility is equipped with a computerized message system that receives all incoming calls and automatically directs them to an operator that we carefully select, train and supervise. We stress having a "Voice with a Smile" along with the skills of efficiency and accuracy of taking your messages.

All messages are time & date stamped by the phone system as received, and in most cases, also recorded by the source's Caller ID as well as the ID of the operator. All actions taken on your behalf are recorded as well, including delivery methods and time of delivery.

All of this provides you with complete & accurate documentation of all messages. Messages are also retained for 90 days in the event any need to be reviewed. It should also be noted that all lines into our offices are voice recorded for both training purposes as well as accuracy backup of information if ever needed.

The actual taking and recording of the message from your callers is only half of the task. Delivering that message to you accurately and in a timely manner is equally as important. Bel-Tone Answering Service has multiple options available that can be used individually or in any combination that serves you and your callers best.

Methods of Delivery Include:

  • HOLD for later call in
  • HOLD & DELIVER on a pre-determined schedule by fax or email service
  • IMMEDIATELY deliver to you by PAGER, FAX, EMAIL in real time
  • SCREEN CALLS and alter the message delivery to reflect the urgency of the message (For example, routine messages could be held for the regular delivery method, but a message determined to be an emergency could be delivered immediately)
  • COMBINE DELIVERY METHODS to best suit your needs


Like any Dispatch or Call Center, we offer a wide variety of services for many types of clients. But sometimes a wide variety of options isn't enough - if you do not see what you need in the following list of our services or client industries, call and ask if we can do it! Our services are very flexible & customizable.


24/7/365 with standard message-taking functions – as much or as little as you want or need. Message forms are customized to require that we get the information needed every time.


We can relay situational messages to you or your clients. For example, if a certain person calls, then the operator will do or say "_____".


  • Ambulances, medical facilities & hospices
  • Veterinaries & Animal hospitals
  • Tow trucks, Taxis, & Limos services
  • Fuel companies
  • Property Managers and rental / real estate agents
  • Crisis & Hot-Line services
  • Local government/ utility services – sewer/ water districts, road crews, Animal control officers
  • Funeral Homes


Professional & confidential coverage for doctors, hospitals, dental offices, & lawyers - Call patching from the client to the doctor in emergency or crisis situations.


We can screen your calls and immediately relay the types that need immediate attention from those that can wait until you finish the job you are on - includes personalized message delivery. Perfect for plumbers, electricians, cleaners, HVA, builders, caretakers, contractors & various service companies.


We can act as your receptionist, scheduling or cancelling appointments and taking customer orders to your specifications.


Utilize our service in advertisements to filter and screen responses instead of flooding your regular business lines.


We can schedule calls to remind a person of any medications to take at a certain time or any upcoming appointments they may have.


For elevators in public buildings, apartments or homes.