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Bel-Tone's History

Bel-Tone Answering Service has been a trusted partner for the professionals and businesses of Midcoast Maine since the 1970's when it was located on Maine Street in Brunswick. Back then, Bel-Tone used scraps of paper placed in pigeon holes for messages for calls received over the now-antiquated, hardwired individual secretarial lines provided by the phone company. The mileage expense related to these phone lines limited the area that Bel-Tone could reasonably serve to the Bath-Brunswick areas. In Boothbay, Northeast Security Systems had built the same limited answering service which covered the Boothbay Region.

In 1992, Bel-Tone of Brunswick was merged with Northeast Security's service in the new Northeast Security office and dispatch center in Wiscasset. Paper messages and pigeon holes were replaced with a computer-based answering system, but the call center was still staffed with the live and friendly voices of the employees who had served these same clients for years and years. In recent years, Bel-Tone acquired clients from the Lewiston/ Auburn area when a local answering service closed.

While Bel-Tone is physically located in Wiscasset, Maine, with the advent of today's VOIP lines, and regional and nationwide calling plans, it is now easily and economically serving not only our Mid-Coast home area, but also the entire state, from Southern Maine to Aroostook County and beyond!


Our Staff

Bel-Tone's staff are trained to be friendly but professional and to really care about each call that they process. Confidentiality and accuracy are stressed each day as we serve our clients - and our client's clients – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. We are a small service which allows us to really know our clients and their needs, and allows us to accommodate almost any kind of desired customization plan. We take great pride in both our small size and the wide array of services that we are able to provide!

Why An Answering Service?

Whether you are a small business with the need for the appearance of a staffed office and a professional "presence", or a larger, fully-staffed office that just needs coverage after hours, emergency dispatch calls or occasional staff meeting coverage, or perhaps just help with short periods of heavy call volume, we can put together a package that meets your needs and budget!

We can handle your office phones full-time or on an as-needed basis at a fraction of the cost of salaries, insurances, coffee breaks and all of the other personnel considerations that go with an hourly employee.